CoCo the Compiler Compiler

June 28, 2010

Recently I experimented with PEG-Parsing after I found and interesting project PEG.js. It is an interesting concept, but I found that the code it generates is a complete mess :(. So I decide to write my own parser and come up with CoCo. I fast and elegant Compiler Compiler that generate a parser.

You can write in pure Javascript or in PEG.js-Style syntax. There is not much to see yet. I haven’t uploaded it to GitHub yet. but there is a demo in my code lab

Binding, Getter/Setter and Mutable.js

March 21, 2009

In this article I am going to write about setter & getter, Function.prototype.caller / arguments.callee.caller and an implementation of a Getter/Setter Class. I am also going to demystify (yeah sort of ;) ) the secret behind adobe flex’s data binding and openlaszlo’s constrain using the power of function.caller.


Chain.js V0.2 is out

October 21, 2008

OK people,

now V0.2 is out!

Many new features. Many Bug fixes.
Now the documentation is in the source code. Using ScriptDoc (sort
of). Ive created a ScriptDoc parser so that it will automatically
generated into html file (resides in doc/static).

This time we replace shell scripting with javascript shell scripting
for code generating, using Rhino.
read this for more information.

if you want to know more, just see it yourself (see changelog):

it still backward compatible.

new documentation here


ZParse Reloaded

August 26, 2008

Recently I did a check to the statistics. I found out that many people are looking for zparse. So I reuploaded the source and of course the documentation.

Data Binding Solution for jQuery

August 19, 2008

I am proud to announce the first release of my new project called chain.js. But before we continue, I would like to write some introduction to data binding. ;p

If you want to skip this article and go directly to the wiki, click here



April 17, 2008

Yesterday I met people from Interact-Harburg and Rotary-Hamburg discussing the Poster I made for their recent campaign “Entenrennen”. Entenrennen is a campaign organized by the youth of Interact-Harburg in order to support the Wellcome Project, a project that is dedicated to support young families. more…


April 8, 2008

In a “Stufensitzung” today, we cleared up some things about the events and the organisations. Some (I don’t remember all of them :D) the upcoming events and tasks are: more…